How do I request songs?

To request songs on on BPM Latino, please do the following:

  • Send an email to or send a contact form.
  • Subject line should be "Music Request (BPM Latino)"
  • List any and all tracks you would like for us to feature on our platform.
  • DO NOT attach any files or links containing your own music/edits.

Keep in mind, music requests are only for hit songs that we may have missed on our site. If you'd like to submit your own tracks/audio files to be featured on BPM Latino, please read this article.

Our music team receives hundreds of requests daily and they will try their best to review the music in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee all music will be uploaded since our music team has to go through the proper channels to obtain each track.

To know if BPM Latino uploaded the request to the site, users can browse the library to confirm the track was added to our catalog.  We also ask that you wait at least 15 business days before sending a follow-up email.

To request songs on on BPM Supreme, please read this article.



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