How do I upgrade my subscription?

Upgrading your subscription is easy. Once logged into the expired account click on the upgrade option found on the top right corner of your account and go through the renewal steps. Click HERE to get redirected.

Please note, the $9.99 offer is only available to new users. The cost will be applied to the first month and after the first month, you will be charged the standard/ongoing rate of $19.99 for Standard Memberships and $29.99 for Premium Memberships. Please refer to Terms of Use for additional information.

In order to receive the $9.99 introductory rate, users must choose either a Standard Plan or Premium Plan at checkout. If a user wishes to upgrade from a Standard Membership to a Premium Membership once payment has been applied to their account they will be subject to a pro-rated fee for that month consistent with the number of days remaining in the billing cycle.

Additionally, no refunds will be distributed for customers looking to move from a Premium Plan to a Standard Plan. Please read our Refund Policy

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