What is BPM Latino?

BPM Latino is a leading music service for beginner and professional DJs offering a wide selection of new releases, exclusive covers, classics, and genres ranging from the essential Latin genres: Latin Pop, Reggaeton, Regional, Tropical, Cumbia, Bachata, House, Latin Trap, Rock in Spanish, Salsa, Dembow, Banda and more. BPM Latino offers strictly Latin audio. With an innovative approach to music discovery, BPM Latino offers an easy-to-use platform and mobile application designed to make the life of a DJ easier. The company's mission is to provide essential tools to the DJ community and to be the most trusted source for DJ-ready content.

Where does BPM Latino get its music from?

BPM Latino receives music directly from major record labels, record companies, and independent artists.

Is BPM Latino licensed to distribute music?

Yes, BPM Latino is fully licensed to distribute audio to professional DJs.

What distinguishes BPM Latino from groups of similar records?

BPM Latino is aimed at all types of DJs. Our catalog consists of thousands of tracks ranging from Latin Pop, Reggaeton, Regional, Tropical, Cumbia, Bachata, and much more to the latest releases topping the charts today.

BPM Latino also has an engaged community of DJs around the world that constantly spreads the love for music online, at events, festivals, and concerts. Make sure to follow our brand on all of our social channels. We have great things ahead!

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