BPM Latino cookie policy

Cookies, web beacons and IP addresses

BPM Latino uses data collection methods to obtain information about visitors to our web domain. Through this section we describe the type of browsing data and provide information on how we use it.


BPM Latino uses cookies to make it easy and convenient to use our music platform. When you visit our website, we send a cookie to your computer. Cookies alone do not identify you personally, they will only identify your browser type. As long as you do not reveal your identity to BPM Latino, for example when activating a subscription, you will remain completely anonymous.

BPM Latino uses session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are only available for one session. If you stop your browser software or turn off your computer, these cookies will be removed from your computer. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you exit the browser or turn off the computer. If you disable the storage of cookies in your browser, you can continue to use corporate websites. However, disabling cookies may interfere with the use of our services.


In addition to providing a very easy experience for all visitors to our website, we will use cookies to place ads through social media and search networks. You can disable this action by emailing us at info@bpmlatino.com and requesting that you prefer not to be the target of the ads.

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